Sell Us Your Vehicle
Have a 2015 or newer vehicle you want to sell?  Have you been considering CARMAX or CARVANA?  We can beat their Buy It Now value!

Yes, you read that correctly!

The global chip shortage on semi-conductors is preventing dealerships from receiving NEW 2021 models.  It is driving Pre-Owned vehicle prices up, WAY UP!  So instead of selling yours on your own to get the most money to buy your next vehicle, or to pocket the money for a rainy day, LET US GIVE YOU OUR BUY IT NOW VALUE!   Think the best price to sell your vehicle is from CARMAX or CARVANA?   We are offering/matching values to CARMAX or CARVANA ... sometimes even more - up to $2000 more - than they can offer you!  PLUS - we will do just like CARVANA and pick up your vehicle from your home or office if within 60 miles of the dealerships!  To get your Buy It Now value - we just need your VIN, miles, and any photos of the vehicle to give you our Buy It Now price within 30 minutes!  We can set up pickup for the next day or you can bring it to us on your own terms within 3 business days.  If your vehicle is paid off and you have the title - we will have your check in hand to give to you after the on-the-spot inspection!   Still have a payoff?  Have a 10-day payoff from your bank ready and If the value is for equal or more than you owe, we will pay off the loan in 3 business days and mail you the difference in 72 hours!  We are making it so easy to sell us your vehicle!  If you visited CARMAX already, or have an offer from CARVANA, let us match it or even beat it! We give the best deals on buying local vehicles, guaranteed!  We will meet you with Covid protocols in place to protect you and our employees off site for pickup, or in person at the dealership!  You will not be disappointed in our Buy It Now price, the service you receive, and processes in place to make the complete transaction for purchase seamless.  

Call us at (843)563-2341 and ask for Sales and mention: "I want to sell you my vehicle" to start the conversation.  Or email and place in the subject line "I want to sell you my vehicle" for a response during business hours.  We look forward to speaking to you and look forward to letting you sell us your vehicle at a price you will not get anywhere else.  And if you decide to buy one of our vehicles, we will gladly work the numbers to give you the best deal, even if you decide to come see us 24 hours after you sell us your vehicle.  We look forward to hearing from you on this new way to get the most out of your vehicle with our BUY IT NOW program.

We need your complete VIN and exact miles to give soft value.  Exact value is confirmed in person.  Photos are valuable to get as close to your best purchase offer from the dealership.  We will review all inquiries with a CARFAX report.  All values are subject to in person inspection.  We have the right to not move forward with a purchase at in person inspection.  Payoff must be a 10-day payoff supplied to the dealership same day of transaction to purchase.  Pickup local to St. George and a 60-mile radius.  See Dealer for details. 


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